I acted as Project Manager to deploy Ivanti ITSM to a major UK law firm worth £20,000 in billable consultancy. I organised the workshops and kept track of time and change requests.

During deployment, I had to urgently manage a complaint from the client as our associate consultant had become stuck troubleshooting an issue and the clients confidence had been dented. I caught a train into London that day to meet the client and consultant onsite and, whilst looking at the problem, leaned on my own technical skills to troubleshoot the solution.

I then followed up with the vendor to confirm that it was a verified bug, and after giving a pep talk and advice to the consultant, I spoke with the client to clear up the misunderstanding and win their confidence back. I managed to convince them to keep our consultant onsite and continue the project.

The result is that I gained their confidence and they came back to us later for further implementations of ITSM modules.