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Why do I list so many skills and so many clients/industries?

I’ve been around for a while now, I’ve accumulated a significant global clientbase in my various consultancy roles. With the exception of a few clients, most of my projects ranged from a few days to a few months and so it’s not difficult for a consultant to rack up some mileage.

I would put my skills down to three factors of my personality:

  • Ready to take on any challenge. “Not my job” is not something you will ever hear me say, so quite often these skills have been gained by ‘putting on a hat’ and jumping in to save a critical project or simply get things moving when no-one else was avaiable. That’s how I became a Test Manager for one project, and how I got into corporate training.
    I have seen how business operates at various levels from various angles and built my career from the ground up. I know how technology works foundationally, so I can learn how to work with a platform or software, just as easily as most people can install and learn to use a new app on their phone.

  • I am adaptable. I keep my ear to the ground and follow industry trends. In consulting this often means listening to what stakeholders are saying and transforming that into action. I am not wedded to one technology, one method or one way of working – instead I consider where to invest my time to maximise my value and efficiency. Even though this can often look like I’m hopping around – I think of it more like charting a course through stormy waters – you need to be adjusting your sails whilst maintaining focus on the horizon.
    The destination doesn’t change, but how I get there evolves.

  • Everything I do aspires to leadership, even in voluntary work. I can’t help but look at a process or methodology and think, “What’s missing? How can this be improved?” I obsess over how we can make things a success. But my favourite moments are when I can bring value-add, solving a problem outside of my scope of work but is within my capability to deliver – and the positive reaction that brings.
    Leadership is fundamentally about people, and I desire to find the best in all people both professionally and personally.