I worked as a Project Manager for a UK London based charity client who presented some difficult challenges. The ITSM deployment was standard Ivanti ITSM with Incident, Change and Service Request modules. Workshops were held and a Gap Analysis document was produced for the customer.

A standard project included only one round of review and feedback with a view to any revisions, however the client was very indecisive and had a lot of questions which resulted in several versions of the GA doc being proposed. After the solution was deployed issues were raised over design decisions – they disputed the latest version of the GA, and insisted that one of the earlier versions was the agreed version.

To resolve this, I took some time to quiz the consultant on how much effort it would be to make the changes they require, and after clarifying that it was mostly some ‘flick of the switch’ settings – I agreed that we would accomodate their disputed requirements.

After deployment, we also had to arrange training on each module. The client complained about the first trainer, so I arranged for a new trainer for the second session. This trainer also recieved complaints, so I organised another consultant for the final round of training – who predictably also recieved complaints.

As they had substantial complaints about not recieving the appropriate amount of training, I took the decision to deploy a consultant on-site for some extra consultancy days (agreed with the vendor) to for them to essentially request whatever changes they wanted and provide hands on knowledge transfer. This finally seemed to satisfy them and they even gave good feedback about my final consultant.