I was brought into save a project for a leading UK logistics company where the Discovery solution had been chosen and deployed but the initial project team had failed to deliver. The challenge was that half of the budget had already been consumed and the client took a hardline sticking to their budget. This meant I had to deliver the full requirements in half the time.

I did not have time for workshops, so I had to identify the key stakeholders and go over their list of requirements from scratch, which they gracefully accomodated. I then manged to split the requirements between must-haves and nice-to-haves using MoSCoW. This allowed me to effectively prioritise what I should tackle first.

For this customer, I modelled the applications hosted on their WebSphere platform using a combination of out of the box discovery and some additional coding. I also managed to put together a Runbook and deliver on their nice-to-have reports. They were impressed and fully satsified with the work effort. The result was that they kept the solution and came back for more future work from us.