Cross Dressing Lego Storm-Trooper Geocaching Travel Bug

About 6 months ago I had an idea for a travel bug – a lego figure that requires cachers to trade just one item until it no longer looked like it’s former self. This idea morphed into a deserter Clone Storm Trooper who wanted to become an individual… and so this Travel Bug was born:


Here’s how he started out:

Cross Dressing Lego Storm Trooper

The mission was simple: Change just one item from this Lego imperial clone trooper, take a photo and move him on.

His first change was body armour, provided by geocacher Boat456.

Change of Armour

6 months later he’s only managed to travel 133 miles but he’s already gone through some major self discovery, courtesy of High Beeches and Wear Pilgrims

Getting in touch with his feminine side...

Where next? Who knows…?

Onto the next glamorous star system!

Thanks to all the cachers who have helped move the Storm Trooper on so far!

A Storm Troopers Odyssey
Tracking in Google Earth