To The Cloud…

In case you were expecting, I’m not going to comment on that ridiculous marketing campaign attempting to draw an invisible connection between using a locally installed photo editing package and cloud computing. Oops, I just did…

Anyway, if you want a truly cloud-based semi-portable desktop with a zillion apps available for install, you can’t go far wrong with Jolicloud. I installed it on my Netbook a while ago and learned recently ¬†they also have a Chrome web app – which allows you to access your Jolicloud desktop from any browser! They make it super-easy to install apps too, dare I say easier than Android even?

My Jolicloud profile is here, looking a little lean unfortunately. I wonder if this app circumvents corporate firewalls? It seems they are soon to be adding Android too… joy!

Companies I Won’t Be Buying My Next Android Phone From


After owning a Motorola Milestone for a while, despite impressive hardware, Motorola themselves have been very lackadaisical about providing updates – I’m pretty certain we won’t be seeing Official Gingerbread on it, even if Froyo comes sometime this year.

This wouldn’t bother me too much if it had not been for the locked bootloader. Unlike most other manufacturers, Motorola decided Open Source meant Locked Down and essential farted in the general direction of both owners and developers.

There are workarounds, but they are much more complicated for the layman to carry out than other Android phone manufacturers.


Samsung have recently fell out of favour with me in the netbook department, but now they pull a stunt like this? Sorry Samsung, you’ve lost me, and to think people have bought your netbooks because of personal recommendations from me!