Bookshelf: WE3

Home where my thought's escaping, Home where my music's playing, Home where my love lies waiting, Silently for me...I read this graphic novel about a year ago, before I started this blog. It’s a short, well written simple story which seems inspired by those Homeward Bound type of stories, but with the introduction of futuristic technology and killing machines. Which is to say it’s still a heart-warming story but with added blood and guts as the animal protagonists fight literally tooth, claw and rocket launcher to find their way back from a top secret military experiment to somewhere they once called home.

The artwork by Frank Quitely is easy on the eyes, similar to All Star Superman and I really like his style. The story is a nice diversion for Grant Morrison who I’m mostly familiar with through his previous work on Batman. Since these guys have teamed up again for the new Batman and Robin post events of Batman: R.I.P. and Battle for the Cowl (which I still have yet to read), I’m looking forward to seeing their new work (of course, I’ll be waiting a longer time for the graphic novels).

WE3 is a powerful one-off story, which is guaranteed to tug a little at your heartstrings. It would make a nice introduction to graphic novels if you’ve never picked one up. If you’re into graphic novels already then this makes for a short but engaging read and change from your usual favourites.

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